April 7, 2014


 Sunglasses : Jatujak market // choker : L.I.N.F // sweater : dignity //
 clutch : missis.b (Thailand brand) // shoes : underground

ITS APRIL!! its mean soon i will go back to Indonesia!!! should i be happy or sad? i love Bangkok, really-really falling in love with this city (not the people!, not all i mean. okay?).
today i just went out with my colleague (my boss actually) we talked a lot, about anything! when i told her about my dream that i want to have my own restaurant and be a celebrity chef, she told me this; "when you become a celebrity chef, its not the end, its the start of your life, and this what you are doing now, its not the start". This woman is amazing! even sometimes i pissed with her, she really train me well.